Muscle Tension


Thai Massage uses a combination of acupressure, assisted stretching and muscle manipulation.

Using these techniques in combination creates a long-lasting muscle relief.

Unlike other massage techniques, muscles will remain more relaxed for a longer period of time once blockages have been cleared. 



Thai Massage works to clear the energy lines of the body, after each session you will feel rejuvenated.

This feeling is caused by the increased oxygen in the blood system. This oxygen is then brought to the brain and muscles of the body, to promote recovery and overall health.

Increased circulation is also said to decrease headaches and digestive problems. 

Immune system


Thai Massage releases muscle tension and increases circulation; leading to stimulation of the body's nervous system.

This stimulation helps to detoxify the body, which then boosts the immune system.

When we have a healthy, alert and balanced immune system we are more prepared to fight off illness. 

Neck pain
Back pain
Shoulder pain
Joint pain
Joint flexibility
Muscle Flexibility
Assisted Stretch
Pressure points
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