Thai Massage

Crystal clear clarity


Before we get started in explaining Thai Massage we wanted to make something very clear; if you are looking for a soothing experience, in which you will fall asleep looking at flower petals and having scented oil rubbed on your body.... this is not the experience for you.


Thai massage is an active release of tension, blockages and scar tissue through pressure of specific points of the body. Similar to active release, Thai Massage will be uncomfortable at times. Deep pressure is applied to the body to actively encouraged it to remember its perfect state of balance, from which we have all come. 


What is Thai Massage?


Thai Massage, sometimes also called 'lazy man's yoga' is rooted from the ancient Ayurveda medicine system. This ancient tradition is based upon the energy lines throughout the body. By combining pressure techniques we can open up the passageways and create balance throughout the whole body, as a system. Increasing immunity, circulation and muscle performance. 


Thai massage is multi-part. Participants will go through a series of techniques including acupressure and assisted stretch. All techniques are performed on a Thai Massage mat on the ground. 


How does Thai Massage work?


By utilizing multi-planar stretching and pressure points Thai Massage improves circulation. This then creates a ripple effect of easing tight muscles. Tight muscles are not just uncomfortable, they are also restricted of normal blood flow, oxygen and nerve function, which makes them perform at a lower level than their potential. 


Why should I try Thai Massage?

If you are an athlete or someone who uses your body on a regular basis (yes, even using it to sit at your desk) or someone who endures a stress (welcome to 2017 that's most of us) you can massively benefit from Thai Massage. Basically, Thai Massage was and is designed for everyone. 


By clearing blockages, your body becomes free to perform at the level it was intended to do so. 


Stretching often gets put on the back burner, due to busy schedules and the notion that since it doesn't burn calories it's not a required part of your workout. As we have talked about, muscles that are blocked, do not and cannot perform. Thanks to Thai Massage being the 'lazy man's yoga' you can sit back and be assisted through a series of stretches following acupressure techniques to maximize the benefits. 

Thai Massage can bring you back to an aligned, boundless body, that you were designed to experience. 


Things to know before your session
  • Wear comfortable clothes

  • Drink lots of water

  • Relax and "stop thinking" in Kentang's exact words

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